Water is part of every day life. We use it for drinking, bathing, washing dishes and laundry, and watering plants. Water is typically not given much thought until it is either missing from the equation, or until there are malfunctions with hot water availability. When there are problems such as strange noises coming from the water heater, or a lack of hot water, it is time to contact a professional plumbing company.

Professional plumbers have experience with a variety of water heater types and models and know what to look for when the water heater isn’t working properly. An industry professional can quickly detect a leak, sediment buildup, damaged thermostat, clogged pilot light, or clogged flue or burner. Plumbers also can do a prompt and thorough assessment to determine if there is an issue with the gas supply line or if there is too high of a demand being placed on the capacity of the water heater.

Professional plumbers can also give well trained advice about when it is best to do a repair, and when it is best to install a new water heater. If you need a water heater installation service Phoenix Az has professionals available to do the job. They can not only do repairs and installations, but can also do regular water heater maintenance. Keep in mind that some companies only provide maintenance plans for water heaters that they installed. Professional plumbers can also make recommendations about when it is time to upgrade to a larger capacity water heater.
When communicating with a plumbing company, feel free to discuss how long water heaters typically last as well as what size water heater you need. Some companies even have phone service available round the clock.

On his website, Bob Vila posts that tank style water heater last about 8 to 12 years, while tankless water heaters prevail for twenty or more years. The long time television host of home improvement shows also notes that water hardness and water heater location play a role in the duration of a water heater’s lifespan.

As far as the size of water heater needed, it depends on the type of water heater chosen and also on expected water usage demand for the number of people typically in the household. There are high efficiency water heaters, standard tank water heaters, and newer tankless water heaters. There are also gas water heaters and electric water heaters. It is best to take some time to consider the best options for your needs since water heaters play a significant role in household energy expenses. Consumer Reports posted information in January of 2019 sharing tested results evaluating the cost, performance, and energy of well known brands of electric and gas tankless water heaters.

Some water heater installations come with leak alarms and other convenient features. Financing options are occasionally available for installation services. It is best to contact a reputable plumbing company near you to find out all of the specifics of what they offer. Many companies provide free estimates and satisfaction guarantees. Speak to the professionals and make an informed choice for your home.